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Locate. Track. Monitor.
Protect. Engage.

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  • GPS Locator
    Never lose track
    Always know where your pet is and receive alerts if your furkid wanders too far
  • Activity Tracker
    Keep your pet fit
    Make sure your buddy gets enough exercise to prevent obesity and stay healthy
  • Health Monitor
    Help your loved ones live longer
    Keep an eye on your pet's vital signs to be aware of a potential issue
  • Flashlight
    Be seen. Be safe
    Illuminate your pet at night to keep them in sight and avoid any collision
  • Personal Assistant
    Organize your pet's life
    Let the smartest tech keep tabs on all your buddy's business
  • Durable
  • Sleek
  • Lossproof
  • Waterproof
  • Customizable
What if technology helped you be the best pet parent ever?

As a pet parent you get bundles of joy having a furbaby around. But unfortunately it's not just all wagging tails and cuddles...

Our world is full of dangers your beloved ones face every day - from getting lost or being hit on the road to suffering from separation anxiety.

Introducing RAWR, an ultimately smart pet collar that protects and connects your pet to you no matter the distance!

ONE in THREE pets goes missing at least once during their lifetime

Worry no more about your pet's whereabouts!
RAWR uses advanced combination of GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi to provide the most accurate location.

  • Real-time GPS Location
  • Walks History
  • Multiple Safe Zones
  • Live (SOS) Tracking

Help your pet live on average 2 years longer at healthy weight! Measure activity, keep diet and set goals to keep your buddy in shape.

  • Calories Expenditure
  • Set Activity Goals
  • Monitor Pet's Activity/Rest Levels
By nature, animals are designed to DISGUISE THEIR PAIN and potential illnesses

Instantly check your pet's vitals to detect early signs of disease. RAWR will also help you store medical records related to your pets in one place.

  • Resting
    Heart Rate
  • Pet's
    Medical Records
  • Resting
    Respiration Rate
  • Sleep
95% of pet owners say PETS ARE FAMILY

If your pet had a personal assistant, RAWR would be it. RAWR will keep you in the loop of your pet's business from meds refill to groomer or vet visits. It will also help you teach your furkid new tricks with a light vibro buzz.

  • Schedule
  • Training
  • Set Reminders
  • Vibro
It only takes minutes for pets to get HEATSTROKE or HYPOTHERMIA

RAWR has an ambient temperature and water sensors and will notify you whenever your pet is too hot or too cold or is in danger of drowning.

  • Temperature
  • Water
97% of pets do NOT MAKE IT after being HIT BY CAR

Thanks to remotely controlled LED lights RAWR will make sure your pet is visible up to 500 m (1600 ft) in the night to prevent any collision.

  • Customizable
    LED Flashlight

The top notch RAWR Application ensures you have all data related to your pet right at your fingertips. Always know your furkids location, keep track of their health and activity and share their adventures with friends and family.

Android iOS
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Stay in the know of your furry adventurer's whereabouts.

Locate your pet at no time with our advanced GPS technology.

Create safe zones and RAWR app will notify you if your escape artist strays too far.

Breadcrumb your pet's trail in real time if your four-legged runner goes missing.

Track and share your pet's adventures with just one tap.

Rest assured your furry friend is under control 24/7.

Monitor vital health indicators (resting Heart Rate and Respiration Rate) and receive alerts if your pet is in pain or distress.

Get detailed stats on pet's walking, resting and sleeping performance to immediately spot any abnormal behavior.

Track pet's daily activity, count calories burned, set goals to keep your buddy in shape.

RAWR App will make sure your pet is safe at all times.

RAWR will notify you if your furry friend is too hot or too cold.

Remotely turn on the LED lights on the collar to easily find your pet in the dark and prevent any collision.

You will also be alerted if your pet is in danger of drowning.

When you're on the go, you want nothing more than a straightforward interface!

Convenient menu allows pet parents to easily access an array of valuable functions from setting reminders to inviting friends who help care for the little furry ones.

RAWR App will notify you if the collar battery runs low. Depending on your preferences it will send you push, email or SMS notifications.

For parents with multiple pets RAWR allows to create a profile for each furbaby to always stay in the know of how's the pack doing.

Tech Specs
45g (1.6 oz)
55mm х 35mm х 26mm
(2.17" х 1.38" х 1.02")
LTE / GPS, A-GPS / Wi-Fi / BLE / Vibro
Fits pets
LED lights, unlim colors
Dogs, cats and other pets 4 kg (8 lbs) and larger
IoT Connectivity
4G LTE US-nationwide network
(Global coverage coming next)
Temperature / Moisture / Proximity / 9-axis Accelerometer
Easy set up!
1 step
Download free
RAWR app
2 step
with your
3 step
The latest technology guarding your precious furry little ones
RAWR is the first pet IoT wearable to use LTE (4G) network for highly advanced connectivity*

Lowest Energy Consumption
Best Coverage
Fastest Syncing
4G LTE coverage area
4G LTE coverage not available
* product requires subscription

Global coverage coming next

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